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Market status of calcium propionate

The production technology of calcium propionate is relatively mature, and because the process is relatively simple and there is no pollution in the production process, it is a green environmental protection project, so chemical companies with certain conditions have the ability to produce. However, due to the difficulty in the synthesis of propionic acid, the advanced industrial synthesis technology has not been mastered in the past few years.

Therefore, the production capacity of propionic acid is very limited. The majority of the raw material propionic acid for the production of calcium propionate depends on imports, which makes China's calcium propionate products dependent on the large market environment. However, in recent years, the demand for calcium propionate in the domestic feed industry has grown rapidly, and the food industry is also developing at a high speed. Therefore, the consumption potential of the calcium propionate market is very huge. It is a challenge, but also an opportunity, for those who make wholesale and production of calcium propionate.

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