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Calcium Propionate Application

Calcium propionate is a new food additive; the World Health Organization and FAO approved the use of safe and reliable food and feed preservatives. Calcium propionate on the molds, yeasts and bacteria have a wide range of antibacterial activity.
1 Calcium propionate can be used as food and feed preservatives, bread and pastries for the preservation agent. Calcium propionate easily mixed with flour, fresh as a preservative while providing essential calcium fortified foods play a role.
2 Calcium propionate can cause bread to mold produce sticky silk material aerobic Bacillus inhibited the no inhibitory effect on the yeast.
3 In starch, protein and fat substances of fungi, aerobic spore-producing bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, aflatoxin and other effective, has a unique anti-mildew, anti-corrosion properties.
4 Is the food, brewing, feed, aspects of traditional Chinese medicines, a new, safe, efficient, broad-spectrum food and feed preservatives?
5 Calcium propionate as a feed additive to be effective in inhibiting feed moldy feed shelf life extension, if the inorganic salts with other livestock can improve appetite, increase milk production in cows. Calcium propionate, small volatility, high temperature, animal adaptability, suitable for a variety of feed use.
6 In addition, calcium propionate can be used as toothpaste, cosmetics additives, plays a good anti-corrosion effect.

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