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Why Kelp eats so refreshing? Benzoic Acid was added illegally.

On June 13th, 2011, dozens of packages of Mountain branded Kelp was displayed in the Exhibition room of the Bureau of Quality Supervision Law Enforcement Team. Earlier on May 22nd, 2011, Mountain branded kelp was found illegally adding excess foods additive benzoic acid by the Bureau of Quality Supervision. At present, this company has already been ordered to suspend production by the quality supervision department, and transferred this case to public security organization. According to the instruction of Zhang Lin, the team leader of Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of Law Enforcement Team, they received the report by the masses, the Mountain branded kelp was using food additives illegally. The team rushed to the company immediately, and requested the company to show manufacturing, incoming, selling and inspection ledger. After checking, the company's manufacturing and selling ledger messed, the incoming and inspection ledger almost had no record. Later, the law enforcement officers sampled the kelp's end products, raw materials and burdens in the manufacturing scene and stock, then sent them to be tested. On May 22nd, 2011, the test result showed that benzoic acid was added in the batch of kelp. Benzoic acid is a kind of food additives, its main function is preservation and also can also let the food taste good. They can find a burden named potassium sorbate in Mountain branded kelp, potassium sorbate is also a kind of food additives applied in food preservation. And the cost for potassium sorbate is much higher than benzoic acid's cost, this company is suspected to use benzoic acid instead of potassium sorbate for reducing their cost. The company has already been ordered to suspend producing, their products has been confiscated, and the law enforcement team ordered them to urgently recall these kelp which hasn't been sold by the dealers. This company violated the Food Additives's Use Standard, Food Security Law and some related regulations. Such cases would be punished severely once be found. Benzoic Acid is a kind of common preservation in food industry, not allowed to be added in most dairy products. Commonly benzoic acid is recognized as security product, but every product can't be absorbed too much, absorbing too much benzoic acid may cause some adverse reactions as asthma, urticaria, and metabolic acidosis.

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