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The Development Prospects of Sorbic Acid in China

Sorbic acid as an additive, its practicality and its potential to expand the application value is that people are concerned about. Its development is closely related to people's leisure life. Sorbic acid and potassium salt as a safe and reliable performance in the field of food additives a unique identity, called for a new milestone.

United States, Germany, Sweden and Japan, is the world’s main producer of sorbic acid. With the development of food processing, food additives, especially the need to further increase preservatives, sorbic acid because of its efficient and safe performance of more and more people of all ages, and to the end of the century global sorbic acid production capacity 150,000 tons / year .

Our country is developing country relatively late development of the food additives industry, and compared with the international advanced countries, there are still some gaps. In recent years, the potassium salt of sorbic acid and its scientific research and development of new prospects appear new situation and promote the development of science and technology, so that the scale of production of sorbic acid has also been greatly increased.

At present, the use of food preservatives in china is mainly sodium benzoate, annual consumption of nearly ten thousand tons. And this food preservative toxicity, in some foreign countries and regions have banned. Replacing it is efficient, safe sorbic acid. It is understood that the amount of sodium benzoate China in the future will be gradually reduced, the trend has gradually been eliminated. If the amount of sodium benzoate substituted 1/3, you need 1000 tons / year sorbic acid, is expected to 2013, when per capita consumption is only 2 grams of sorbic acid / year, equivalent to the current U.S. per capita consumption of 1/20, which is the standard of living of our people and the industrial base has a certain relationship. Can be expected, with the industrial development, people's living standards improve, domestic demand will sorbate have a more substantial growth.

Sorbic acid developing quickly in china, in the international market share has increased from about 20% up to 70%, with the Chinese people's awareness of food safety; China's future demand of sorbic acid will grow rapidly. If China crotonaldehyde sorbic acid production can keep up with the pace of development China, then China will dominate the world of sorbic acid in the future. Several current Chinese enterprises such as Jiyou Industries Co.Ltd , crotonaldehyde are basically relying on import crotonaldehyde to maintain production.


Dairy products are the main consumption areas of sorbic acid in our country, especially a lot of lactic acid beverage production, more in need of such products. The importance of dairy products on human health has been increasingly recognized by the community, therefore, China's dairy showing an unprecedented rapid development of the state. Consumption has not confined its children and the infirm people, but the development to all ages, which greatly stimulate and promote the development of China's dairy industry. Expected future quite a long time, the number and types of dairy products will increase at a higher rate. Meanwhile, sorbic acid demand will maintain a high growth rate. After joining the WTO, sorbic acid as food additive to replace benzoate preservatives is favor with international standards. While the more developed countries of sorbic acid supply tight, international market prospects are excellent. Sorbic acid products export is promising in China.

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