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Bulk Raw Wet Noodles Detect Benzoic Acid in Shenzhen China


Market Supervision Administration of Shenzhen’s official website on October 25 announced the birth of wet pasta special sampling circumstances indicate that this sampling of seven batches of substandard raw wet noodle products in a batch.

Recently, some members of the public and the media to report Fukunaga , Xixiang part pasta shops and the alleged existence of abuse of food additives and other issues, the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervisory Authority stores were reported immediately conducted surprise checks . The surprise checks of six raw wet noodle products stores 7 batches , all concentrated in the public and interested practitioners focus reflects the farmers market Fukunaga , Xixiang , etc., to carry out testing of the project include a preservative (benzoic acid flake, sorbitol acids, dehydrogenation acid, propionic acid and its sodium, calcium) , pigments (amaranth , lemon yellow , carmine, gardenia yellow , sunset yellow, etc. ) and non- food substances (borax, formaldehyde sodium bisulfite) , etc. .

Belong to a food preservative benzoic acid, can inhibit microbial growth in food to extend shelf life of food. Human intake of benzoic acid, sodium benzoate after, will quickly be absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, liver metabolism and glycine after the formation of hippuric acid excreted as urine. There will be a small part of benzoic acid excreted through the skin. Because of its rapid metabolism and excretion, benzoic acid and its metabolites and therefore does not accumulate in the body. Therefore, low toxicity, according to the standard rational use harmless to human health.

However, not all foods are acid can be used as a preservative , food safety standard GB2760-2011 " food additive standard " for the use of benzoic acid 99% and the use of a limited dose , benzoic allow candy , soy sauce , fruit and vegetable juice drinks and other food used , the maximum allowed amount of 0.2-2.0g/kg, but does not allow the use of raw wet noodle products , and therefore , the detection of benzoic acid in raw wet flour products is substandard , this sampling substandard acid sample measured value 6.9g/kg.

Market Supervision Administration of Shenzhen, said that from this sampling results, the case has not yet found a non- edible substances added borax, industrial dyes, etc., but there are indeed some unscrupulous operators to extend the shelf life of food, raw wet surface in the Super Range, adding excess acid and other food additives, which will severely crack down on violations.

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