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The Misunderstood for Food Additives

In recent years, food safety incidents frequently broke out, which always affect people sensitive nerve. However, are there so many "poison food "? We really do not have a "safe food" yet? These questioned dizzying.
Into a supermarket, casually remove the list of ingredients on a bottle of beverage, a box of chewing gum, packaging will be marked by the use of food additives, such as pectin, potassium sorbate, sodium citrate, etc.. In the past, people usually do not pay heed to these monotonous, mouthful, professional term, however, experienced a series of food safety controversy, people have begun to improve their vigilance to these additives. A lot of people misunderstood the food additives as illegal additives.
The accurate definition of the food additive is compounds or natural substances added in food in order to improve the quality of the food color, smell, taste, or to meet the need of preservation or processing technics. Only products listed in the Health Use Standard for Food Additives can be referred to as food additives. Not all the products added in food can be called food additives.
Food additives play an important function and role in food production and processing, there is no modern food industry without food additives. In modern time, customers have a high requirement for food's appearance, taste, preservation time and so on. If producing as per family, that is rarely possible. Without food additives, most of the food will be ugly, taste terrible, hard to be transported, and the price will be also very expensive.
Under many situations, if there is no appropriate food additives, food processing will be less safe. Steaming buns needs additives, fermentation producing acid, baking soda needs to be added in order to neutralize sour; if pigment is not allowed to be added, the products on the market will be dim, candy certainly is not the colorful now; if the preservative is canceled, how many things can be stored on the shelf? The soy sauce already has mildew when it even not arrives home. Instant noodles will get bad in two days.
Actually, if the food additive is allowed by the nation, dosage and application field conform with the regulation, normally food additives won't be harmful to human body.

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